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I feel like I’m going non stop lately.  This morning I made my first ever batch of jelly.  Of course, following a regular recipe would be too easy to start with, so I made peach jelly from pits and peels.  The directions were from the internet, and my Ball canning book was open beside that set of instructions.  I never got to see the jelly ‘sheet’ off of the spoon, but it was turning to gel on the spoon rest, so after a long time of boiling, I took a chance and got it into the jars.  We’ll see if we have jelly or syrup.  Either way, the stuff on the spoon rest was yummy.

I’ve been seriously working on lesson plans for the upcoming year as well.  My neighbor asked if it was easier to do so during the school year.  No – during the school year there are boy scout meetings once a week, 4-H classes once a week on top of the monthly meeting, homework to help with, spelling to plow through with my youngest who has an issue with it, etc.

History and science are planned through the end of the first semester, vocabulary and grammar are planned through the year.  Those all have the materials ready to go as well.  The daily math warm ups are planned for the year, but not all are written.  The literature books are chosen and purchased but need to be planned in.  Math is planned for September, and I don’t want to plan further until I know if the pace I set is realistic or not.  We’re using the same book as the school, but it’s a lot different from the materials we’ve used the last two years.  Art, Veterinary studies, German, and writing all need to be planned, but I have the books and other materials.  Planning includes writing out the daily assignment pages and putting the assignments in my grade book as well.  The idea is to get as much done ahead of time as possible.

The house could use a thorough going over – getting into every nook and cranny, but that comes last.  Why?  Because I still try to get the kids into the water about once a week, and as it is summer, I like to get them doing things here and there such as painting.  One day while I was lesson planning, I had my son get out a snap-tite model he’d gotten for Christmas.  He put it together while I worked and we chatted.  He needed me to push pieces together here and there, but was mostly independent.  It was just nice to hang together.

I received information from the high school – I have a freshman this year.  Orientation is two hours long, plus time for mandatory pictures (school id, whether you’re purchasing a package or not).  The following evening, I get to go back for another two hours for the parent night where I go to all of the classes my child will have.  I went to a small country school with 80 graduates in our class.  We had no orientation, and the parents only came to the school for conferences.  This is an annoying world for me.

Last year, my son’s fourth grade teacher just handed out packets of information and was available to chat/answer questions.  I was out of there in five minutes!  My eldest had already had the teacher, and he’s the youngest of three.  Things don’t change much from year to year (four years between oldest and youngest) and I really hate sitting for an hour while a teacher reads the handout to the parents.

I never attended middle school conferences.  Gasp!  What an awful parent!  Why bother?  You stand around for a couple of hours to get five minutes with each of the teachers.  In my case, those five minutes would be (for my oldest): She’s a joy to have.  I have no concerns.  Neither do I.  So around that time, I send out email to her teachers and let her know I have no concerns, and if they don’t either I’ll let someone else have the five minutes who needs it more.  Besides, if I really want to be anal about my child’s progress, I can check up on her almost constantly as grades are posted on line in an electronic grade book.

Wow.  I start with making jelly and end up griping about school.  I guess that means it’s time to exit the rabbit trail.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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