Sibling Drama and a Great Find

On Tuesday my middle (sensory) child got her full braces on.  She’d been wearing rubber bands for two months for alignment, and getting that hardware off made her nervous and she cried a bit, but she really pulled it together and finished the appointment strong.  The office now gives (in the price of the braces, I’m sure) an electric toothbrush to the new wearers of braces.  It has a special orthodontic head, and I think it’s a great idea.  It has a timer which automatically starts when the brush does, and lets you know if you’re brushing too hard.  DD2, historically not a good brusher, has been faithful since the braces went on.

My son, however, was greener than the Hulk with envy.  He even asked how a kid gets braces.  I bought him a cheap electric toothbrush and told him if he’s faithful with it a better electric can go on his Christmas list.  He is brushing much better.  Sensory issues make brushing difficult for all of my young ones.  Thankfully, that’s nearly all the sensory my oldest inherited.

My great find happened today.  We went to the Amish stores near us for our regular summer run.  At one of the stores, there was a table of items for sale, much like a garage sale.  Two treadle sewing machines were there and I’ve been tempted to get one for a couple of years now.  I asked, and the owner came over to answer my questions.  It still works and has all of its parts.  I mentioned that I didn’t have a cabinet, and she offered me one to go with the sewing machine (top of it needs sanding and staining) for a total of $50.  DH was all for it so I was over the moon.  It’s still in my van as I can’t lift all of that iron alone.  The cabinet is very ornate and I think I got a steal – I was paying more attention to the machine.  She was just happy to have someone want it.  It’s a Singer (as is the cabinet), which is all I cared about, and I think I can find a manual on the internet and may start watching ebay to lay in a few spare parts.  I’m so happy – I just don’t know where it will go in the house.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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