A Good Deal

I found a bargain in the clearance of our grocery store yesterday!  Yeast which doesn’t expire until March 2015 was half price, and I bake.  Needless to say, I scooped up ten packages and wondered if I ought to get more.  I usually hear about other people finding things like this.

It’s time to go school supply shopping, and thankfully no one needs a back pack this year.  Of course, the second day of school will probably find one of them in pieces and in desperate need of replacement.  I took inventory of what I already have stashed and will be taking wild guesses as to what will be needed.  DD2 already has a supply list for the class she’s taking with the home school co-op, and I know what she’ll need for me, but the other two will no doubt have specialty requests that I’ll have to run to find the first week of school.  No bitterness in that sentence 🙂

We went on a short vacation in-state last week and had a marvelous time.  We have a fantastic state packed with history and natural beauty and it was nice to let the kids explore some of it.  I love seeing other states, but it was time to let them see what is right here.  We bought a season pass to one cluster of parks and the kids would like to go back.  It’s only two and a half hours away, so I think we’ll do it.  The re-enactments may not be there when we go back, but it’s still a nice area and we never saw the movie offered.

The kids got to get in to the action peeling potatoes, and my eldest got to put biscuits on the tin trays and even go behind the ropes as she helped to carry the trays to the out door oven.  I love that my kids enjoy history and science.  I hated history in school, but have come to love it as an adult and through travel.  We are a geeky family.  The younger two completed a junior ranger patch at the national park we visited, and the ranger gave my son a paper which goes for a Webelos badge or belt loop.  I can’t find exactly what, so we’ll have to ask the group’s leader.

Today we visited friends who came back to the home state for a few weeks.  They rented a small cabin and my friend and I chatted on a dock while the kids all swam.  I had brought lunch up and we were waiting for the oven to heat up to cook frozen pizzas.  The oven was decidedly cold after fifteen minutes, so we cut the pizza which had thawed a little and microwaved it.  The microwave protested after a while, but we’d all had two slices and put the rest in the freezer.  The kids were all hungry after swimming and the microwave had rested, so it worked out nicely.

My middle gets full braces on tomorrow morning so she had popcorn for breakfast.  The tradition is to have it the morning the braces go on, but DH will be working from home to let my son stay home and he gets headaches when microwave popcorn is made.  I let all of the kids have a bag as the elder two had some as prizes from the library reading program and we did it first thing in the morning to let the smell dissipate before DH arrived home.  I also took the trash out.

My middle had rubber bands for two months to bring her bite into alignment first, and she had been told to expect 3-4 months with the rubber bands.  She changed the bands as frequently as told to and now gets to move forward quicker.  I don’t expect the braces to be on a full two years as she mostly has a tooth too high up which needs to be pulled into line.  DD1 had the same thing and it only took 15 months.  The crowding is minimal aside from that tooth.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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