Dealing With All of the Stuff

I love chucking the school schedule, but I’m not so fond of the end of the year clean out.  My son went through the papers he had at home from the school year, and we got his discard pile into the recycle bin.  More will be coming tomorrow (the last day) and I wanted to get some of the work out of the way.  My eldest has already turned all of her textbooks in and went through one class’s papers last night.  They recycle a lot of their papers at school, which bothers me as I’d like to see what they’re working on.

My middle doesn’t need much clean up, mostly filing.  I keep my lesson plans and all of her work.  The state doesn’t require viewing it, but I’m covering my bases in case the rules ever change.  Her grades have been calculated and her report card is written.

The big thing will be dealing with the art shirt, gym shoes, and all of the things which go in to school at the beginning of the year.  It will all have to be cleaned and packed into the backpack for next year.  At least all of the programs are finished now.  The last was this morning.  The end of the school year brings a ton of running around.

Now add to this that DH declared that we need to have a garage sale to clean some things out and my dining room is full of things being gathered to sell.  I did not want to have a sale this year, but oh well.  We have a little more than I thought, but it won’t be huge.  I’ve combed through my things several times over the last three sales and have been careful in purchases since then so I don’t have much to put in.  The kids are slowing down on outgrowing clothing and toys, but I’ve gotten them to give several things up.  Of course, when I asked DH if he’d have time to go through his things he replied that he didn’t have anything to get rid of.

I really want to be able to wait 3 or 4 years before the next garage sale.  The kids are outgrowing less and less as the years roll by, so hopefully we can stick to that goal.  It’s so much work, but when you have several items in good shape, you hate to donate everything right away.  We’ll deal with whatever is left after the sale.

Right now is also the time to get errands in before all three kids are home all day.  My eldest two are old enough to stay home alone, but my youngest is not.  That’s a sore point, too!  I’ll switch to evenings for groceries and errands, but am fitting in what I can now.  It also gives my middle time to savor having the house to herself before the others are here every day.  She loves being alone in the house, and I understand that feeling well.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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