The End is Near

…of the school year, anyway.  Today was the honors program for my oldest.  This school either has one incredibly talented student body, or something isn’t adding up.  Eyeballing it, 75% of the class was on the A/B honor roll or higher.  Methinks the school is in for some culture shock next year.  Our town currently has three middle schools, one of which is closing at the end of this school year.  The school which is closing is in the lowest economic section of town, and has the poorest academic performance overall.  The other two middle schools will have some adjusting to do.  It will be good for them.  Having 75% of your students on some form of the honor roll is not the real world.

The school is quite hot – my eldest wears short sleeves almost until Christmas.  This same child has long, thick hair and was trying to get it off of her neck.  I offered the solution of a single braid down the back.  I have some experience with long, thick hair.  She didn’t think it would work and was quick to say the equivalent of “I told you so” at the end of that day.  A day or two later, however, I noticed that she has started to wear her hair in a single braid down the back.  Hmm…I don’t think I’ll point it out.

My middle child is working hard to finish school a few days early.  At the beginning of June, I give her all of the work assignments through the end of the school year and she can finish as soon as she wants, provided she doesn’t do sloppy rush jobs and that she doesn’t brag to her siblings.  With all of the end of the year assemblies, picnics, programs, etc. that the other two have at public school, I figure my middle is still doing more work.  She wants to have a documentary marathon at the end.  She’s been watching Blue Planet and Ocean Planet and would love to watch two or three in a row.  Normally I mix those in with history documentaries.

Recently I had an observation whap me upside the head.  My eldest, for all of her talk about becoming an artist, doesn’t really spend much free time doing artistic things.  She has the materials – we all give them to her each Christmas.  My middle reads about animals (wants to be a vet) and my youngest has been constructing things since he could get his hands on tape and cardboard (wants to be an engineer).  Also, both of the younger two spend a lot of time drawing – 100% more than their artist-bound sister.  Interesting.  I used to play school – then got a teaching degree.  My cousin was often drawing – became an architect.  I’m wondering how strong her desire really is.  I’ve spoken to her briefly about it and she claimed a lack of time.  (She’s often bored.)  We’ll see what plays out in the future.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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