This is a short week for school with Spring break next week.  I missed buying Hershey kisses the day after Valentine’s Day and couldn’t find them after Christmas, so I really need to get to the store the day after Easter.  The kids will be less than enthused to get up early on their break, so I’m thinking I may get up really early and go before DH has to leave for work.  I think the holiday things will be 1/2 price starting at 6am, so that will give me an hour and home is only 10 minutes from the store.  I’ve become a bit addicted to paying as little as possible for chocolate for DD’s waffles.

My mother in law made some cinnamon-oatmeal muffins which the kids inhaled this last weekend, so I’ll be making up a batch of those today for their breakfasts.  This will be another low cost breakfast food to add to the list.  We have a bulk food store nearby where I can get reasonably priced oatmeal.

If I were a bolder person, I’d like to coupon.  The problem is talking to store managers about saving unsold Sunday papers for me – really just the coupon inserts – or taking to searching dumpsters or recycle bins.  I don’t want to clear shelves, I just want to cut the grocery bill as much as possible.  Getting coupons off of the internet is not an option. DH used to be in computer security and he checked this out for me.  Those coupon ‘drivers’ you have to install are not needed for anything other than for the companies to track your activities.  I agree with the decision to leave those security holes closed, but sometimes it’s tough to know that those coupons are just a click away and I can’t have them.

Saturday my oldest and I had our spring glass class.  We made glass beads, which was fun.  The blow torch was a touch intimidating at first, but you get over that fairly quickly.  I don’t know what I’ll do with my beads just yet, but the point was learning a new techniques with glass.  My daughter is ready to get the tools to do it at home.  She’s got several months to wait before she can take another class (fall), but I bought several glass tiles and have purchased some flower pots and shallow wooden bowls from Salvation Army so she can do some glass tile work this summer.  I still have some supplies to buy, but there’s time.

Today I bought a few more seed packets – as if I don’t already have more than I can plant in five year’s time.  The ones I bought are to plant for my mother in law.  She moved to town in December and won’t be ready to establish a garden before next spring.  She doesn’t even know if her lawn is shady or sunny.  So, until then I’ll try to raise some things that she likes.  I didn’t have stellar results last year, but the garden wasn’t ready until June, and a lot of things can go in pretty soon.  The rabbits can’t get in the main vegetable patch, but last year squirrels or chipmunks ate all of my spring seedlings.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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    I enjoy reading your blog. I nominated you for a Liebster Award if you choose to accept it. Your page is listed as a link on my page http://lifedetoured.wordpress.com/

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