Taking a Break from Work

I’m whooped, so I’m taking a break and thought I’d share my little happy thought today.  I’m happy because I ordered a good stack of books from Scholastic and didn’t pay a whole lot for them.  When I started home schooling, I went to their site and was able to register as a home school teacher, and I get the same deals the public school teachers do.  For buying a certain amount of books I got to pick a dollar amount for free, I had free book codes from buying Kellogg cereal at WalMart last fall (specially marked boxes), and I used book points to buy some books for history.  Not all of my purchases go to home school.  My kids all get books at Christmas and often on their birthdays.  Last summer I also pulled a few out of my stash when the youngest broke his wrist and they were all so great through the experience.  I’m a cheapskate, so I revel in great deals.

My eldest loves working with glass and we recently went through Michael’s and looked at their glass tiles.  They’ve got a lot of nice ones, and they aren’t too expensive.  I’m planning to go in now and then through the year and use coupons to build up a supply.  I also plan to go to Salvation Army from time to time to look for items upon which she can use the tiles.  I found a set of two wooden bowls for 55 cents (total).  They’re shallow, so I think they’ll work great and be a good warm up project.  They could use some sanding and either re-staining or painting, which will just add to the fun.  I want to give her lots of artistic opportunities without going broke.

My youngest is gearing up for the Pine Wood Derby.  We need to paint his car and get the wheels on.  One of the Dads has a nice workshop and a scale, so we’ll go to the next work night and find out exactly how much of the bar weight we can put on the bottom of the car.  I had no idea how huge this event was.  It seems to be as big as the fair is to 4H.

My middle is working hard on her crochet pillow for the fair.  I’m impressed.  They first met last week and she has the body of it half done.  It can be tough to get her to stay on one project long enough to finish it.  She has a vast array of interests and wants to do them all at the same time.  Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn a variety of things.

I’m enjoying the flurry of seed catalogs arriving this month, and am making my spring plans.  I’m going to make giant strawberry pots out of some garbage cans which were given to me.  I have four cans, so I’ll plant one with June bearing, one with everbearing, and keep the other two to plant runners in.  My dad used to let the runners fill in the row between the parent plants, then plow the parents under.  I’ll switch between cans for the mature crops.

I’d better wrap up and get back to work.  You’d think for all the work I do (as well as many other busy moms do) that my house would look better.  Ah well.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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