Cleaning up

I’ve come to accept that I’m going to catch a cold at Christmas time each year.  During college, I got sick after each semester and now I get sick at or just after Christmas.  I think it happens because I push myself up until the point where I can relax, then my immune system grabs on to the nearest germs available.  This year I started to feel it on Christmas night but fortunately it’s moved through fairly quickly and I felt well enough to start cleaning yesterday.  My whole house needs a thorough going over.  I’ve always kept things picked up, but the dust is taking over.  The kids sink was clogged and I didn’t feel up to the challenge of taking it apart alone to clean it, so I dug out what I could from the opening and bought some time.  I’ll do it with DH to keep getting comfortable with taking the drain apart – I’ve only done it once before with his help.

I’ve always struggled with housework, and when homeschool began it became harder to keep up with.  I don’t like to run the vacuum while DD is trying to concentrate, and not every day is the right day to go upstairs for an hour to clean.  I’ve got her working mostly independently but still need to be available, which is not always easy to balance.

Why the independent work?  When we pulled DD out of public school, she had great difficulty asking questions to understand her work.  Instead she would put down question marks, leave things blank, or crumple her paper.  (Low self esteem – doesn’t like attention drawn to her)  So when I set up her school here, I decided to put the ball in her court almost completely and force the questions.  She has an assignment sheet and her books and papers and goes to it each day.  Once in a while I’ll mark something “with Mom” if I know she’ll need instruction, but mostly I wanted her to have to speak up and to learn how to figure things out on her own.  Some day she’ll go back to public, or be in college, or receive a project at work, etc., and she’ll have to get clarification or iron out her own confusion about a direction.

She fought it at first.  Let’s just be honest, there is a lot that Mom doesn’t put up with that the school did and she had to learn to deal with it.  For one thing, there are no blank pages accepted in home school.  We had the “I’m teacher, principal, and Mom all in one” talk more than once those first four months.  After two years of home school, she’s gotten pretty good at asking questions – and sometimes has to come find me while I’m cleaning.  I’m happy with how it’s been going.

Along with the cleaning, I want to tackle my sewing pile.  (Yes, it’s still huge.)  My oldest’s dress is ready for the zipper and sleeves, so it’s close.  I just need to make myself head upstairs after dinner a few nights a week and work.  If I keep to that, I’ll make good progress.  The problem is that I tend to become a tired blob once dinner is cleaned up, and that will be difficult to overcome.  The possible positive side is that my activity just might encourage DH to do the same.  He got some work done on the basement over Christmas – he always takes time off – but there’s much more to do and the girls desperately need their own rooms.  They can’t have that until he finishes his office in the basement and can move it out of the bedroom upstairs.

Ultimately I need to push myself.  The list of things needing to be done keeps growing longer, and the only way for it to shrink is if I get to work.  This isn’t a resolution, just a nudge to myself to get things done.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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