A Tale of Black Friday

Friday did find me out shopping – just a much milder version than most who venture out.  I’ve been looking at the JoAnn’s flyer for the past few years and salivating over the price of flannel on Black Friday.  All three of my kids like their nightgowns and pjs to be warm ones in the winter.  Amazingly, my mom decided to go with me (we’re almost always at her house that day, having stayed over on Thanksgiving night) even though she only needed a small amount to finish a stocking.

I know what the electronics stores look like on this shopping day, but the fabric store had all cutting counters and registers going, the customers were eying each others’ fabric and asking what people were making and chatting pleasantly.  Everyone was patient and friendly, on both sides of the counter.  That said, I’d rather not do it again for a few years.  I bought enough fabric to avoid the temptation.

I got enough fabric to make: 4 pair of pajamas, 2 nightgowns, and 2 dresses.  I spent a good amount, but saved over twice what I spent and am willing to store the fabric until I need it.

I just finished a dress for DD2 and she’s in love with it – so is DD1.  Oh well.  DD1 usually gets to pick the pattern and material, but her size hasn’t been changing much lately – she’s just getting taller and I make the skirts long to accommodate that.  So now, DD2 is getting more say in her clothes and getting new things more often than hand-me-downs.  I’ve always tried to give her something new here and there, just because I’ve walked in those shoes.  DD1 has also been able to have a few special items go to a save box rather than to her sister.  These two are 15 months apart, so it’s been out of one drawer and into the next for a long time.

I just washed fabric for a new dress for DD1, and boy am I glad that I had it stashed, ‘cuz the eyes are green.  Not that everything always has to be even, but I’m glad that I was already planning on making this dress.  The fabric is one of my clearance finds, and fit my budget of under $16 for a dress.  That’s my general goal for both the girls and I, although I’ve gone over that a few times.

The sewing stack is never empty.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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