Odds and Ends

My eldest got her braces off early last week and today got her bi-annual cleaning.  She’s still smiling.  Things have improved so much in the world of orthodontics.  She only has to wear the retainers full time for two weeks before switching to nights only.  That’s on top of only wearing the braces for 16 months!  Her teeth weren’t overly crooked to start with, which may be helping her case.  The main issue was a tooth which had come in way above the rest of the teeth and needed to be brought down into line.  That’s the case with my middle child as well.  Her braces will go on next year.

I feel good about the work I finished this past weekend.  I now have writing and German planned for homeschool through the end of the semester!  Grammar and reading are planned for the year.  I know the materials I’ll be covering in math, science, and social studies, I just have to plan those in smaller chunks to adjust the plans when a concept needs more coverage for comprehension.  Home Ec (cooking) is planned through the end of the semester, but that subject has more flexibility.  If the other subjects need the time, the cooking may happen on a weekend or be delayed to a day which needs a total break from the work at hand.  Sewing is handled mostly through 4H, with some at-home work with me.  She’s pinning a pattern right now, and I’ll check it before she starts cutting.  There are only a couple of sewing sessions left, so we need to get some of the work done outside of her class.

My son has some catching up to do for Cub Scouts since he only recently joined.  They’ve already earned two badges and started the craftsman badge.  I think he’ll be caught up with the others on the craftsmen once his moccasins are checked at the next den meeting.  He had so much fun making those this past weekend.  We were fortunate to be able to buy the kit at Michael’s and use a 1/2 off coupon.  I have no issue with purchasing the kits for the badge work, but I’m always on the lookout to save a few dollars when I can.

Superstorm Sandy got DH and I thinking about our household storm readiness.  We aren’t in the land of hurricanes, but we do get tornadoes, and there are a few other scenarios which could send us from our home on short notice.  So, DH said he wanted to have a suitcase packed with two outfits for each of us.  Some of the items I’ve pulled out of the drawers, but the kids needed a trip to Salvation Army for spare outfits.  I’m not one to provide an over flowing closet for growing children, so they really don’t have clothes to spare.  Going to S.A. allowed us to get the basics without spending much money.  A large suitcase was only $5, so we can keep it packed and not miss it.  I also added old shoes for all of us but my youngest.  His feet are still growing rapidly and he doesn’t have any old shoes which still fit.  I looked for S.A. shoes, but don’t want to pay $5 for a pair of shoes we hope to never need.  Also going into the suitcase will be toothpaste and toothbrushes from the dentist and shampoo and conditioner samples which I’ve gotten for free.  We’ll keep the suitcase in the basement, which is where we go when tornado warnings are issued.  I put together a tin of candles and matches for the basement several years ago, and last year added inflatable mattresses and blankets as we often get tornado warnings after the kids have gone to bed.

I still haven’t started on Christmas preps other than working on the annual letter.  I think that’s almost finished.  I need to pull out the cards and starting writing them out.  I can’t do many before my hand starts to hurt, so a card table sits in the living room for a while and I pull them out while watching tv.  I also need to pick a good picture of the kids for the card.  We used to go to WalMart for a nice picture once a year, but they changed the policy several years ago to read that you had to take the first picture where all eyes were open for the package picture.  With three kids, the first picture with all eyes open is rarely a keeper.  Since that policy change, we’ve been choosing a picture from the most recent vacation for the cards.  Digital photography is a wonderful thing.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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