I’m so excited about a fantastic deal I found the other day!  I was out by myself and decided to take some time to window shop and enjoy being alone.  I saw some bundles of polar fleece with a clearance marking, so I checked the price out of curiosity.  These were pieces of fleece which are one and a half yards, each originally marked $10.99.  They were clearance priced $0.99!  They had four left – one in each of four different solid colors.  I took them all.  I don’t even have a project I need them for.  DD2 is in 4H and will be sewing again this year.  I bet she’ll do one project in fleece, and now I’ve bought it as cheaply as anyone can without getting it for free!  The cashier gave me quite a look as the first one rang up at $6 something, but the other three were marked $0.99 and rang up that way, so she gave me the clearance price on the fourth.  She either thought I was trying to pull a fast one or was upset that I found the deal and cleared the shelf before she was off of work.  (I had told her that if $0.99 wasn’t really the price, I didn’t want them.)

Saturday we went to the lake and played in the waves.  (We’re in a Great Lake state.)  As we looked out across the lake, DH and I were both thinking back to our days in Maryland.  After our first trip to the ocean, a co-worker of DH’s said to him, “Now you know what it’s like to look across a body of water and not see the other side.”  Have you ever seen a map with the Great Lakes?  Maryland would fit inside one of them.

We enjoyed our time out East – three years in Maryland and one in Delaware – and we’ve been back to show our kids the old stomping grounds but I’m so glad we moved back.  I don’t miss the traffic, and the areas keep growing at a hugely fast rate.  Some people love that setting, but it’s not for us.

We’ve reflected more than once on the housing market out East.  We had come pretty close to purchasing a home out there.  The negatives were: an HOA wherever you went, lot sizes as small as .1 acre, and to find what we wanted took us an hour from DH’s work.  We would not have been able to afford our current home/lot size out East.  We’re only on 1/4 of an acre, but it seems like a palace after the home search out there.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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