Give Me Five Minutes

My son’s room is usually a disaster.  I’ve hurt my toes/feet so many times in his room that I’ve lost count.  He always leaves his dirty underwear on the floor after getting dressed in the morning.  I must say that at least he’s changing his underwear every day now.  He used to have to pay me a quarter for every pair of underwear missing from the laundry.  Yes, he was able to earn the money back.  Dirty kleenex lie in used balls near his bed and often you can find a used band aid stuck to the carpet.  Yes, he does have a garbage can in his room.  Have I painted the picture?

Last week I tried a new approach in having him clean.  I told him to clean for ten minutes.  That’s it.  He could even use a timer.  He ended up cleaning for twenty and was quite proud of the inroad he had made.  A few times since then, I’ve asked for five minutes and usually suggest an area to work on.  He might protest a little, but not like before.  This may work for a while.

Why does it work (thus far)?  I’m guessing it’s the time limit.  Even DH caught on and has started to try to give at least five minutes a day to cleaning up his piles.  He has pack rat ways, and to have him tackling his piles is wonderful.  I have my piles too – don’t mistake me.  It’s just frustrating trying to clean the living room and running in to DH’s piles left and right.  My piles are on/around my sewing desk and in our closet.  I have one pile in the living room, but it is the stack of materials being prepared for homeschool when I have a few minutes here or there to sit down, so it’s being worked on.

I worked on part of the basement the other day and it felt wonderful.  Rearranging and breaking down boxes for recycling was the bulk of it.  In the early years of marriage, we moved a lot – 3 moves in three years was the worst – and good boxes were gold to be stored in the treasure room.  That’s been hard for both of us to break.  The sewing area needs large chunks of time for new projects and scrap use-up projects to help clear it.  You know, what I probably need is a whole sewing room for all of the sewing I do, then the piles would be stored neatly on shelves.  Yeah, I think that would go over well.  HAH!  Maybe when the kids are grown and have moved out.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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