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I took the car in for service on Friday as it was worn out from the trip.  I chose to wait for it (4 hours) with the kids and that was fine…until I was driving it home and found that it was having trouble accelerating.  Grrr…they worked on the brakes and I’m wondering if the problem is a result of their work.  I can’t go in until Tuesday as they told me I can’t wait for it on Monday.  I wait for the car because the shop is a half hour from home and I get nervous driving unfamiliar cars.  They had better not charge me much, if anything, because I’m pretty sure this problem was caused by them.

On the plus side, that 4 hours at the shop was spent on home school prep.  I wasn’t going to have Mapping Mondays again this year, but DD pleaded for it.  So while DH was collecting state maps along our trip, we picked up two of each and I’ve written two lessons thus far.  I try to do one map lesson per month.  Mapping skills are important.  The GPS can lose signal, which many young fry aren’t prepared to deal with.  We didn’t get maps of Illinois or Nebraska, but the other states are covered.  Last year we ended with a map of Washington DC’s Metro system, so maybe I’ll download a bus schedule for some city and have her work with that.  I realize that’s not a map, but it’s still a good thing to know how to use.

I’m working on a veterinary binder for DD2 to use.  It’s tough to find things that are at the middle school level, so I’m looking for some basics such as common disease symptoms, and I found 2 pages of basic medical terminology.  I finished photocopying the first section of her animal anatomy book (keeping the original clean for re-use).  I’m thinking this binder will be for after the other work is done (motivational).  She wants to be a vet, it’s a tough course of study, and we’re working on handling frustration.  We might as well give her the best leg up on her career choice that we can.  If it changes, okay, we’ll just drop this, but I think she’ll do something with animals no matter what her career is.

The house is almost back to normal.  We’ve only been home for five days, and there has been a doctor appointment, the car in the shop, groceries to purchase, a birthday to celebrate, etc, so I don’t think we’re doing so poorly.  The bathrooms need to be cleaned, but I think that’s the biggest thing left.  Tomorrow we start the summer routine.  The kids will have to do some math each week, normally we go to the lake to swim, but I think we’ll wait for DS’s cast to come off, and I need to get to cooking with the kids.  I don’t enjoy that one, but it’s important.

I need to find a fair book.  I’ve got an entry form, but need the book to fill it out for DD2.  The due date is in two weeks, so I’d best get moving.  She has a sewing project and a crocheting project to enter.  I might enter a princess dress that I sewed for my daughter as well.  I’ve never put anything in the fair, but it might be fun to do along side my daughter.

The kids all finished the library’s reading program before vacation.  Only my youngest two can do the Barnes and Noble program, and they had that one finished and turned in as well.  DH questioned letting them finish so early, but I know they still read a lot and finishing the programs as they do is a challenge in their eyes.  There are a few of the free summer movies they want to see.  We fit one of them in last Friday, and I think there are two more this summer.  Our library has a nice little auditorium where they show the movies, then the DVD’s probably go on the loaner shelf.  Generally, they show movies that were in the theater last year.

Vacation Bible School is late this year – near the end of August.  I don’t have the heart to tell the kids that there may not be a carnival at the end of it this year.



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