End of the School Year Challenge

DD2 had just finished her school work Friday afternoon when I had a thought.  I told her that as she already had all of her assignments for the last week of school (this week), I didn’t care how soon she finished it all, as long as it was done normally, not sped through.  She has the same schedule as her public schooled siblings, which end school on Thursday.  The junior high doesn’t even let the kids have their backpacks on the last day, so they are mostly doing busy work that day, and the last day in the elementary will be clean out in the morning and an all afternoon party.  If she’s willing to dig in and finish early, I’m all for it.

So, how is she coming along?  Reading and language are finished for the year,  science is half finished, and math is about half way finished.  Spelling just has the final test to be taken.  Not too shabby, in my opinion.  Thursday we will probably be headed to the church to help with some cleaning and organization, so it will be great if she doesn’t have school to take care of as well.

I really love the flexibility of home schooling.  We covered all of the required science for sixth grade, some of next year’s, and have been working on dog anatomy these last couple of weeks for fun.  She wants to be a vet and I found an animal anatomy book at Amazon which has diagrams of the organs, arteries, bones, etc to color.  I made photocopies so she can do these multiple times.

Another advantage which we’ve enjoyed is in math.  DD2 is not confident in her basic math skills.  She knows how to multiply and divide, but gets nervous and blocks out her knowledge (lack of self confidence no doubt tying in to the sensory issues).  In the public school, she would have been in the regular math program.  Here at home, she got basic math AND introduction to geometry, which she loves.  Next year I’ll let her go on to pre-algebra, which is the advanced math in the local school.  However, we’ll continue to work on basic math skills as well to build her confidence.  We’ll probably have more geometry as well.

The only slow down in her work that I forsee this week is a book on the universe which she just checked out of the library (adult section).  That book is sitting beside her and she’s itching to read it.  I’m not completely mean – I gave her 10 minutes when we got home to read it before getting back to school.  I wonder if she even realizes how much she voluntarily extends her schooling.  Oh – the other book she checked out is an informational on cats.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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