Cleaning House (again and again and again)

Saturday was cleaning day for my children.  It was for myself as well, but my cleaning was all in their rooms as well.  The under-the-bed storage containers were all brought out and I got into awful positions to vacuum their rooms.  I emptied the dust bin on the vacuum twice and those were FULL loads.  We filled three kitchen garbage bags with trash and 2 grocery sacks with donations.  My middle child didn’t even finish her part.  She was drained and wouldn’t have kept a good attitude if I’d pushed her.

I had gotten tired of stepping on marbles and stubbing my toes when kissing my young ones good night.  I made sure they all knew that Saturday afternoon was reserved.  I hate these massive cleanings, but I think the kids had a better attitude about it knowing that we were all in it together.  I helped dust, did all of the vacuuming, washed windows and mirrors, and kept the trash and recyclables moving out.  I told them that after seeing the amount of dust we removed, I felt better about the air they would breathe that night in their sleep.

Some day I won’t have to worry about the cleanliness of each of their rooms anymore.  I won’t have to be the bad guy and make them clean.  Hopefully they won’t have to rely on closing doors when I come to visit them to hide the mess from me.  Time will tell.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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1 Response to Cleaning House (again and again and again)

  1. The really deep cleans are *exhausting* and then I don’t ever want to clean the bathroom as part of it because I know I’ll just want to hop in the shower when I’m done and it will mess up the bathroom immediately.

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