School’s out in two days and I’m thrilled!  I’ve enjoyed homeschooling my middle child and look forward to continuing next year, but I’ve always enjoyed the end of the school year.  We go to a local lake once a week, and that is our most relaxing time each week.  I’m so thankful my husband found this little treasure.  We often have it to ourselves.  We also have cooking lessons, reading programs, crafts, and this year I plan to teach many chores.  I’ve been negligent in that department.  It’s difficult for me to teach chores and cooking to my kids, but it’s so important.  I was extremely ignorant when I got married, and still struggle.  I want my children to be better prepared.  They won’t love it now (the chores part), but that’s okay.

This summer I get to plan ahead for next year’s homeschooling!  I’ve got most of my books, but look forward to writing up the spelling lists, pulling resources off the internet, and being as ready for next year as possible.  There’ll be some fine tuning and such, but I should be able to have at least 80 percent ready.

I also love the freedom from schedules.  I get tired of watching the clock for two start and end times of school, keeping track of the early and late times, etc.  It’s much more relaxed.  I’ve never loaded the kids up with scheduled activities.  Their personalities wouldn’t stand for it and neither would mine.

I’m looking forward to catching up on housework.  I know that sounds strange, and my housework is far from Martha Stewart’s standards, but things have had to give way to teaching these past few months and I’m tired of seeing it.

I’m looking forward to sewing.  My daughter’s summer sewing is almost finished – just one dress to sew.  Then comes my son’s new jeans for next year.  Somewhere in there I’d like to try making a window quilt for the girl’s room.  The term ‘window quilt’ sounds so cozy and comfortable.  My husband said we could just put plastic over their window like we do down stairs, but I like the idea of combining pretty with energy conserving when possible.  The mental image of the light shining through the colored fabric is irresistible to me.

So, lots to do in a short amount of time, but projects with purpose.  Very few time constraints, and the lake once a week.  Maybe we should go twice a week this year.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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