The seeds are actually growing!

The burlap sacks have been filled with dirt and planted.  Some told me that the bags of topsoil would not support the plants – I should get potting soil.  I went with the advice of my neighbor who took a class (months long) on gardening and used topsoil in her own garden.  The lettuce needs to be thinned, the peas are putting up some strong little plants, and the carrots and beets were just planted.  Next will be the spinach and radishes (which should have already gone in).  We’ll see if we get to eat anything out of this garden, but this is a year of learning and my son is enjoying the planting, watering, and watching.  There’s more to go in when the frost danger is over as well.

Although raised in the country, there is much to learn about growing food.  Our family garden was left to survive as it could.  Our dog would frequently be seen with a stalk of corn in her mouth heading to a spot in the yard to shuck the ear of corn and eat it.  She loved lima beans as well, and my sister and I were happy to give her every other one that we shelled.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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