School Frustrations

There are times when I feel as if I can talk until I’m blue in the face and it doesn’t matter because no one really seems to hear.  The school called regarding our sensory challenged child this week.  They called my husband, not me, even though I’m the one who stays home and usually deals with these calls.  He told the principal he’d have to cancel a meeting.  Then he called me and I agreed to get right over to the school.  Obviously if my husband was called there was to be a pow wow of some kind, especially as the principal was informed that my husband would need to cancel his meeting.

I arrive at the school a couple minutes before the teacher needs to go back to class, then about two minutes after she leaves, the principal begins to put his coat on and says he needs to leave for a meeting.  My husband arrived as the principal was walking out the office door.

What was the fuss about?  Our daughter was upset about being pulled off of a fun assignment to finish a different assignment (which we later found out she didn’t understand, and had interpreted whatever the teacher had said to mean she couldn’t ask any questions).  She was taken to the office, where she began to kick the wall and a garbage can, then when asked to stop (she did), she screamed.  Not appropriate, but worthy of calling her dad out of work?  Not in my book.

While at the school, we found out that there had been an event in orchestra the day before, and the day before that she had been pulled out into the hall (sitting on her chair, having refused to step into the hall), then was being pulled down the hall to the office.  Why didn’t we hear about these things the day they happened?  How humiliating to be pulled down the hallway!  If she was sitting in her chair, couldn’t she have been allowed the time to cool down in that chair?

The bigger frustration of all of this is that the same questions are asked of us each and every time things come up.  The teacher called me two days later and gave more details and over all it was a good talk.  Then she said she felt alone and didn’t know how to start handling this.  I asked, did the school ever purchase the book I told you about? (and the one my husband talked to the principal about six months ago)  What book is that?  I repeated myself and reminded her that I had written it down in the intro/info sheet I gave her the week before school started.  Oh!  She suddenly remembered.  I’m constantly asked for techniques, which have already been given multiple times.

They have my email address, phone number, and cell phone number, yet I hardly hear a word until there’s been a minor meltdown.  I’ve made it clear that I’m available for questions, concerns, etc.  No one takes me up on it until my daughter screams out of frustration.  I’ve written things down multiple times, emailed suggestions without prompting, yet am still made to feel as if they think I’m holding the best ideas locked in a treasure chest out of their reach.  I could scream louder than she did.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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