School is almost here

I can’t believe there are only two weeks until school begins.  I’m not ready.  Does that sound really weird?  Everyone thinks I ought to be counting the hours.  There are still shoes to be tried on and new ones to purchase.  I’ve already had sticker shock on clothes for my sixth grader.  Up until now, I’ve made her jeans to the tune of $5 a piece.  Now we’re buying $20 jeans.  Thankfully we found some that weren’t too low on the waist.  These fall on the belly button and her shirts are long enough to cover the difference.

I started sewing for my girls about 5 years ago when the waistlines began to fall.  Do we really expect our girls not to become intimate with boys when we let them flaunt so much skin and dress like prostitutes?  By the same token, do we expect our young men not to look when everything hangs out?  The clothes which are commonplace now were considered slutty way back in the ancient 1980’s.  Anyway, this is a soap box I could stay on for quite some time, so back to the main topic.

The oldest has to be out the door almost an hour earlier this year, so we’ll have to get a second alarm clock in the girl’s room.  I’m waiting for complaints about the alarm by the younger one.  Two start times, two ending times.  Two drop offs after dental appointments.  I don’t handle these things well.

If your school is like ours, the hand is continually out for money as well.  One pet peeve I have with our school is that we are not told until the first day of school what items they actually need.  Teachers are assigned a week or two before school begins, so a list of needed items could be posted by the doors with the class rosters, but no.  First day of school the list comes home with the expectation that the list will be filled within a day or two.  For a planner like me, this drives me nuts!!

The other pet peeve is the back to school meeting in each child’s room.  This is annoying because it’s three separate meetings, usually on three separate nights, and an hour sitting in a child size chair in order to hear the teacher read through a 4 page handout.  Send it home and let me ask questions as I need to.  I can read, and for my third child can pretty much tell the teacher what the year will look like, having sat through the meeting twice already.

Can you tell I love school?

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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