Remembering when…

Sitting here listening to my two youngest playing and wondering how long the harmony will last, I decided to write a bit more.  It’s always a guessing game as to how long it will be before one screams at the other.

The laundry is running, and that’s about all I feel up to doing today.  (Allergies or a cold – unsure which)  Lately I’ve been thinking back on the summer job I held during college.  It was at a state park doing maintenance, and registering campers.  The end of each summer had all of us declaring we would not return in the spring, but by the next spring we would all have forgotten what a pain it could be dealing with the public and would go back.  That particular group of employees held (mostly) together for 5 summers.

We got a lot of city dwellers, and they needed some outdoor education for sure.  One guy stopped to ask what the brown animals along the driveway were (wood chucks).  I could have told him they were bear cubs and he would’ve believed me.  Lots of people played with the snapping turtles.  There’s a good idea.  One was laying eggs, and even though the rangers kept dispersing the crowd, it would re-form as soon as the ranger was gone.  One little two year old was pretty close to the turtle pointing her finger.  She’s lucky that finger wasn’t snapped off of her hand.  One camper came up for advice on a snake bite.  I asked how it happened, as we mostly had garter and water snakes, nothing poisonous.  He said it was going across his campsite so he picked it up by the tail and it whipped around and bit him.  I think I would have too.  Good times.

I miss living out in the country, but am thankful not to have to drive 25 minutes to the grocery store.  It’s always been easy to let the kids run without much supervision at my parent’s house.  Maybe it’s the security of having spent my childhood there.  My parents are now renovating a condo and will be selling their farm.  It’s the best thing for them, but I’ll miss the land I spent the first 23 years of my life on.  It’s also where my sister crashed the riding lawn mower through a split rail fence, in first gear, and continued on for another 3 feet to almost hit the garage.  She was going around a tree and panicked.  The tree was about 15 feet from the fence and first gear is pretty slow.  Needless to say we still tease her about this, and she’s 45 now.

Amazingly, peace still reigns, so I’ll not press my luck further on stolen time.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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